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‘Wirin’ is the Noongar word for spirit and represents the eternal sacred force of creative power that connects all life of ‘Boodja’ (Mother Earth). The nine-metre high Wirin expresses this cultural knowledge in a tall, strong, Aboriginal figure of smooth contemporary lines. His ‘Gidji’ (spear) and ‘Mirro’ (spear thrower) are one with his body, connecting to ‘Boodja’, depicting unity and connective continuity of spirit. ‘Wirin’ was sculptured in collaboration with art services from Lance Chadd, Stuart Green, Trish Robinson, Swarbrick and Swarbrick Yachts and VEEM.

Lance Chadd created the concept for ‘Wirin’ and engaged Stuart Green to assist in fabrication. VEEM’s involvement in this process began when a request for quotation was received as it was determined the sculpture could be made from steel. VEEM worked with Lance Chadd and devised a plan to manufacture it as a hollow form, cast in ductile iron to keep the project within maximum cast capacity and quoted accordingly.

VEEM were also intimately involved in advising details for the third party pattern manufacture in order to ensure that the pattern was fit for use in our facility. VEEM also manufactured the core-boxes to enable casting of the hollow sections.

The manufacturing of the sculpture commenced in August 2017 and completed in December 2017.

Lance is the creator and owner of the artwork copyright and intellectual property of the WIRIN design. The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority commissioned Lance under a sole contract to produce a signature piece for Yagan Square.