Centrifugal Casting

Hollow Bar and VEEM Forever Pipe®

VEEM provides centrifugally cast hollow bar (or seamless tube) solutions for your next project that are guaranteed to be higher quality, last longer and suit your specific requirements. Whether you are looking for a raw hollow bar solution or the end product, we will design and manufacture hollow bars to your exact requirements from a selection of over 250 alloys.

VEEM’s centrifugal casting process also supports duo-metal casting technology, producing stronger and more hard-wearing hollow bars that save you up to 92% of through-life costs. This patented technology has been developed in-house at VEEM and provides unique solutions to complex applications all over the world.

Combined with our patented Forever Pipe bends and “T” pieces, VEEM can manufacture a complete long-life pipeline solution with the ability to measure wear to predict maintenance outages and enable total safety whilst working alongside active pipelines.

The current application is proven in mining process globally. The pipes are also suitable for application in raw sewerage lines and treatment plants where aggressive media, chemically, alkali or acidic process fluid is impacting on downstream productivity and downtime.

The VEEM Forever Pipe is a cost-effective solution to feed in and discharge piping on  Calinators, Rotating Kilns and Vapour discharge lines.

In the high-pressure acid leach (HPAL) process, the VEEM Forever Pipe is a suitable replacement for spooling from the main autoclave to the letdown valve at flash valve at 1, discharge to letdown flash valve at 2 and discharge to letdown at flash valve at 3. This is an extremely aggressive chemical and thermal process, perfect for the VEEM Forever Pipe.

In application with large centrifugal pump discharge lines, the VEEM Forever Pipe has proven to consistently out last all standard OEM discharge spooling.

For higher specification, longer lasting process spooling that can save you up to 92% through life cost, contact one of our product specialist engineers in relation to your application.

VEEM Timcast Centrifugally Cast Hollowbar

Game changing for custom made, bimetal wear pipes

Hollow Bar

A range of over 250 alloys from 75mm to 1200mm diameter with up to 2.7m in lengths and can be made of specified inner and outer diameters.

Forever Pipe®

Manufactured from very hard 27% chrome inner-lining bonded to a carbon steel pipe and has exceptional wear-resistant properties.