High performing propellers, shaftlines and marine stabilisation equipment

VEEM has been pushing the boundaries of propeller manufacturing and marine shaftline innovation for decades, always aiming for higher speeds, better fuel economy, and lower noise and vibration. Our passion for performance and innovation is supported by manufacturing and engineering excellence, the evidence of which is in leading results and outstanding performance for vessels all over the world.

From the earliest days of screw production, marine shaftline manufacturing has relied on the limitations of pattern molding to produce high-performance propulsion systems. It was the redefining of this process that took VEEM to the forefront of the marine propulsion industry around the world.

Marine Shaftline Capabilities


  • Bespoke custom propeller manufacturing
  • CFD and FEA technology
  • Patternless moulding
  • Interceptor™ pitch technology
  • Complete shaft line packages
  • Brackets and shafting component manufacturing
  • Gyroscopic Stabiliser technology

The most advanced marine shaftlines manufacturing in the world

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VEEM Propellers

High quality marine propellers for superyachts, sportsfishing boats, sport cruisers, Military vessels, commercial vessels and ferries.

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The most advanced and powerful gyrostabilizer available for superyachts and small commercial workboats.

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Conquest Propellers

Fully CNC machined, flat-faced mildly skewed propellers in a wide range of sizes. Manufactured with high grade NiBral or Bronze.

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