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The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), part of the large accelerator complex at CERN laboratory in Switzerland, is in operation and recently, scientists have made announcements regarding experiment results.  The research into sub-atomic particles is an international collaboration investigating a wide range of physics. One of the objectives of the LHC is to search for a theoretical particle that may provide answers to verify the accuracy of the Standard Model. The elusive Higgs Boson is thought to explain how particles were given mass when they came into contact with an invisible force field called the ‘Higgs Field’ at the earliest moments in the formation of the universe.

The components VEEM manufactured were made from a lead bronze alloy and were cast, machined, tested and trial assembled prior to delivery for installation. The components make up key elements of a radiation shield (Plug 1 segments and Plugs 2 and 3) to protect instrumentation used in the ATLAS experiments.

VEEM is proud to have produced very large castings that may assist in finding some of the smallest particles in the universe.

European Organisation for Nuclear Research