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VEEM Ltd operates one of the largest non-ferrous and ferrous foundry facilities in Australia.

A foundry is a factory that creates castings of various metal objects. Metals are melted down, poured into a mould, and left to cool and solidify. All kinds of metals can be used, the most common being aluminium and cast iron.

Foundries make a wide variety of objects, ranging from jewellery, doors, cabinet hardware, and skillets to larger items such as bells, machinery parts and sculptures. There are two types of foundry; ferrous and non-ferrous metal foundries. Put simply, a ferrous metal contains iron, whereas a non-ferrous does not.

The type of metal used for casting is determined by functionality. Aluminium, for example is used for casting automotive parts due to its light weight. Cast iron, on the other hand, is used in casting cookware as it is heavier and can withstand higher temperatures.

With more than 50 years if manufacturing experience, VEEM Ltd’s foundry division offers a complete range of services associated with the industry. Our non-ferrous and ferrous foundry facilities are amongst the largest in Australia, with 12 furnaces and 14.3 tonnes capacity.

Our unique robotic moulding techniques and advanced pattern-making facilities enable our team to manufacture a wide range of components for our customers from over 250 alloys, including bronzes, stainless steels, nickel, aluminium, copper and cobalt. We can even create custom or special alloys depending on your specifications.

VEEM is a quality accredited company, ensuring that all your castings are manufactured to the highest possible relevant standards as applicable to your specific requirements. Whether it’s pattern making, sand casting, die casting, patternless casting, computer solidification modeling or hardness and tensile testing, VEEM’s foundry facilities can cater to your needs. Get a quote from the VEEM team today by visiting our website or contacting us on (+61) 8 9455 9355.