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VEEM Ltd has manufactured and repaired all forms of earthmoving, automotive, marine, industrial, mining, truck and transport driveshafts since the company’s inception in 1968.

When first established, VEEM specialised in the repair and dynamic balancing of driveshafts, engine components and other industrial rotating equipment. These services were steadily expanded to cover a range of repair machining services, heat-treating and the manufacturing of a small metal turning lathe. In the 1980’s when VEEM won its first major defense contract for the manufacture of submarine valves for the new Australian Submarine Program, our range of products and services started to grow and expand.

Despite our growing range of products and services, the manufacturing and repairing of driveshafts has remained a core aspect of VEEM’s business. The driveshaft is primarily used to transfer torque between components of a vehicle or machine that are separated by distance. Driveshafts are used differently in different vehicles, so there is no one size fits all approach to their manufacturing and servicing.

We can service and cater to a variety of driveshafts, from small steering shafts to large earthmoving and industrial driveshafts, by custom manufacturing hard to buy components through our extensive engineering and balancing facilities. For personal vehicles, VEEM can repair, service or balance your car, van, ute or 4WD tailshaft, without needing to use imported or OEM parts, making it much easier and more convenient for you to get your replacement.

For earth moving, mining and industrial machinery, VEEM can overhaul and manufacture alternative shafts when parts are unusual or no longer available. We can also manufacture a centre bearing shaft for chassis extension, replace a worn slip assembly, universal joint or other component on fleet vehicles at a more cost-effective rate than ordering genuine components.

Overall, a custom driveshaft can be cheaper, more efficient and more durable for your vehicle or machinery, as you won’t need to rely on import costs and parts will be tailor made for your requirements. Having your driveshaft professionally replaced is also a cost-effective way to increase the performance of your motor, vehicle, or machinery. The improved engine response will reduce wear and tear on your motor, which will help maintain its performance.

Need a driveshaft? Get a quote from the VEEM team today by visiting our website or contacting us on (+61) 8 9455 9355.