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‘R’ Listing

Radial FansRepair, reblade, hard facing and Dynamic Balancing of all centrifugal fans up to 28 tonnesMartin Allen 9455 9371"
Radial GrindingRadial (750 mm diameter x 200 mm high)Glyn Young 9455 9354
Radiant TubesCentricast hollow bar for radiant tube applications. Proofing, final machining and welding all available.Paul Wearne 9455 9375
Radiator FansRepair, straightening and re-blading of all radiator fans Converting to rock ejector typeMartin Allen 9455 9371
ReamingReaming of all holes and boresGlyn Young 9455 9354
Reciprocating PumpsOverhaul, repair, component manufacture, Dynamic Balancing and testing of all types of reciprocating pumpsDik Hearn 9455 9374
ReconditioningFrom turn key refurbishment to installation of machinery both in house and on site Pumps, turbines, compressors, crushers, actuators, multi stage pumps, fans, blowers, gearboxes, mechanical seals, cooling towers, valves, refitsDik Hearn 9455 9374
Reduction BoxesOverhaul, installation and spares manufacturing for industrial gearboxes and reduction boxesDik Hearn 9455 9374
RefitsComplete overhaul of marine equipment systems including valve, propulsion, hydraulic, steam, air and all mechanical systemsDavid Jonston 9455 9309
Refurbish TailshaftsRefurbishment of tailshafts for all applications.Gavin Reynolds 9455 9372
Remotely Operated VehiclesSpecialist manufacture and repair of ROVsGlyn Young 9455 9354
Rock Ejector FansConversion of radiator fans to have rock ejector blades including hard facing of bladesMartin Allen 9455 9371
RollersManufacture and repair of all types of pulleys up to 3.8m diameter Dynamic Balancing of pulleys up to 28 tonnesGlyn Young 9455 9354
Roots Type BlowersReconditioning and Dynamic Balancing of all types of blowersGlyn Young 9455 9354
Rotary ValvesSupply, overhaul, testing and manufacture of sparesDik Hearn 9455 9374
Rotating EquipmentOverhaul, repair, component manufacture (including non ferrous impellers), Dynamic Balancing and testing of all types of rotating equipment in house and on siteMartin Allen 9455 9371"
RuddersDesign and manufacture of marine ruddersBruce Mcrae 9455 9390