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VEEM’s Driveshaft Division showcased their high performance driveshaft components at Motorvation hosted by Perth Motorplex in Kwinana Beach. The annual event drew motoring enthusiasts from around the country in record numbers. Motorvation is the biggest car event on the Perth calendar and features not just amazing display cars, but the full gambit of car competitions including The Slalom, The Megaskid, The Burnout and Miss Motorvation.

Elite-DFoxMany punters wandered through the VEEM stand in traders alley to view the diffs and drive shafts on display and asked questions about their own modified vehicles at home. Many had increased the engine size or power output and wanted information about the 9″ diff assemblies and the compatible drive shaft options. The 9″ diffs are one of the strongest differential setups for cars and are the preferred solution for modified cars. VEEM have been doing drive shafts for over 40 years and have been at Motorvation since the inception. They have a wealth of experience in custom and performance shafts.

Another common vein of enquiry was about the high failure rate of drive shafts in late model high performance Falcons and Commodores namely the BA BF FG and VR VS VT VY VZ VE series. Most had premature failure of CV Joints or centre bearings. VEEM staff were able to suggest better alternate solutions using high performance components which are designed to cope with the torque that these shafts operate under.

Motorvation @ Perth MotorplexAnother recurring question is “How can I tell if the driveshaft is the problem?” An easy test is to get the vehicle up to the speed that the vibration or noise is most apparent and then put the vehicle in to neutral. If the noise or vibration stops, then the problem is not likely to be drive shaft related. This test should be done in a safe flat environment taking into consideration the loss of engine braking.

Like all good things, Motorvation has come to an end for this year. If you can’t wait until next year to get some drive shaft advice, contact VEEM at or call 9455 9372.